The ever-changing sea-views and skyscapes I see on my daily journey between home and work are the biggest influence on my art. To the north, the coastline of the Firth of Forth and its well-loved inshore islands of Fidra and  Bass Rock are just asking to be painted – the weather, season and light each play a vital role in the tone and mood of the finished painting.

Autumn Bass by Kirsten Boston


Fidra in the Mist by Kirsten Boston

As I turn to the south by Direlton, the vast expanse of sky with the Lammermuir Hills in the middle distance, appear different every day giving a constant source of colour, light and inspiration.

Borders Hillside by Kirsten Boston

I’m lucky to have the most inspirational and beautiful commutes I could ever wish for. No two days are the same and however busy it is in my head, I always notice the sea and sky.

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