Hi, I’m Kirsten Boston. I’m a Scottish Artist who was born and brought up in East Lothian, where I was delighted to return in 2002, after spending some years in London and the south of England.

When I came home, I established Hangar Art & Framing, an art gallery and picture framing service at Fenton Barns Retail Village, near North Berwick. I like to spend as much time painting as I possibly can – in the early days, with 3 small children and a new business, that wasn’t much. I’m delighted to say that I can now find a bit more time to spend with the paints, but there could always be more….

I paint mainly in acrylics and watercolours but increasingly work in mixed-media and am always exploring and trying out new techniques and combinations. There should be some results from my new and very messy techniques that involve “pouring and splashing” coming out very soon. The walls of my Summer House studio bear the evidence of this fun and very therapeutic style…

I plan to use this new blog space to tell you about some of these techniques, show you some processes and maybe share some tips with new artists and whatever else of interest comes up along the way…but I promise not to write about the trickiness of websites!!