It had to be done – it’s hypothermic in my Summer House studio! The novelty of working (virtually) in the great outdoors, has officially worn off. Not only was I having to adjust, amend and explore new techniques as the plummeting outdoor temperatures affected how the different paints worked together, my big acrylic pieces were taking days to dry…and I was taking hours to thaw out!!

There was nothing else for it! Number Two son has had to be evicted! Not that he’ll be even vaguely aware, what with him having flown the nest for the great Student Life a few months back…do Students still end up living in flats as “warm” as the Summer House? I hope not, but I’ll no doubt have some explaining to do when he reappears at Christmas.

In the mean-time, I’m having the most creative, productive and fun, painting time I’ve had in years! I’m painting for an Exhibition opening in Glasgow on 24th November (more details to follow). Large acrylics, using messy pouring and splashing techniques, multi-media collages, plus a new range of birds incorporating gold leaf…

Winter Tree 1 by Kirsten Boston

And here’s a little Flipagram to show the process for my Winter Tree Study. These mixed media originals have been framed in a limed moulding by the talented team at Hangar Art & Framing and you can buy them in the Scottish Design Exchange on the first floor of Ocean Terminal.

Now that my creativity has thawed out, I love going upstairs to work. Sorry son…

Wasn’t it Ruth Negga who said You can suffer for your art, and you can make your own son suffer for your art.” I’m sure that’s what she meant to say anyway.